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Job-Embedded Professional Learning Model

High-quality professional learning for educators is a key component of effective multitiered models for English learners (ELs). ELITE focuses on building practitioners’ knowledge of culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy and practice, second-language acquisition, and effective multitiered literacy instruction for bi/multilingual learners. In addition to formal professional development sessions, the model emphasizes ongoing, job-embedded learning through instructional coaching, practitioner collaboration, self-reflection, peer observation, and data-informed instructional planning. The following sections describe the Project ELITE2 model for professional learning.

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Component 1: Formal Learning: Evidence-Based Practices

Teachers receive formal training that builds their knowledge base of evidence-based, culturally and linguistically responsive instructional practices for language and literacy.

Component 2: Peer Collaboration for Practice Refinement

Educators participate in collaborative professional learning community (PLC) meetings to target obstacles or challenges to teachers’ initial implementation, foster teacher leadership, and collaboratively plan lessons.

Component 3: Coaching: Observation and Feedback

Coaches observe teachers’ language and literacy instruction for ELs and provide meaningful, targeted feedback to improve the impact on student learning. Knowledge gained from the observation and feedback process is shared in PLC meetings.

Component 4: Self-Assessment and Self-Reflection

Teachers use self-captured videos and guided-reflection protocols to critically reflect on their teaching. Teachers meet in PLCs to share insights from the self-reflection.

Component 5: Teacher-Driven Action Planning

Based on the critical reflection process, teachers meet in PLCs to connect their new learning to instruction and plan next steps to refine their instructional delivery. Teachers share video examples of successful lessons and receive feedback from their colleagues.