Language and Literacy Instruction for ELs

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Project ELITE2 supports educators in implementing best instructional practices for bilingual students and those learning English as a second language. Teachers develop their knowledge of the second language acquisition process, linguistically responsive pedagogy, and effective practices in native- and second-language literacy development. Educators are guided through formal professional development sessions, with ongoing support in applying new knowledge to their teaching practice. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis as trainings and resources are available to educators.

K-3 Educators can review several resources in the section Enhancing Vocabulary and Comprehension for English Learners through and Interactive Read-Aloud System.

Teacher Toolkit for Increasing Student Engagement and Accountable Talk

English learners benefit from high-quality, meaningful opportunities to use and practice the language(s) they are learning during literacy and content instruction. Project ELITE2 designed and collaboratively developed this toolkit and implementation guide with teachers with the goal of enhancing instruction to advance students’ academic language development through low-risk response, feedback, and assessment techniques. It was designed to guide teachers’ use of the various tools presented as part of the “Increasing Student Engagement and Accountable Talk” teacher training. This resource offers practical guidance for implementing the tools systematically.

teacher toolkit

Download the guide here.

Professional Development: Increasing Student Engagement and Accountable Talk

Professional Development: Understanding Second Language Development & Implications for Practice